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18 month old with RAS constantly making herself sick

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Hi all, I hope there is someone out there who understands what we are going through at the moment.

At around 11 months old, my daughter was diagnosed with RAS, and since then she has been making herself sick *fingers down her throat) almost every bedtime to the point where she looks as though she is going to have a seizure. This is then making myself and her dad pick her up or remove her from the situation. Her behaviour is making us both very tired, angry and frustrated, and we just would love to know if anyone has experience of this and how to help to stop this cycle of behaviour??

Its so difficult because I know that if she gets too worked up she will have a seizure, yet we do believe we should be more harsh - its just the fear of another attack and its making us very weary/out of ideas.

Any help or supportive words would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Hi, firstly sending you both a big hug. Our circumstances are slightly different, we are yet to get a diagnosis but have been dealing with involuntary breath holding resulting in seizures for the past two years. Emotion being one of the triggers. It's so hard with discipline, leaving them in the night. (Which which cant). Car seat has been a major issue with us. Best bit of advice I got was do what feels right for you in that situation. I have noticed the more relaxed we are, the less we have. Saying that it's took me 20 months to be less stressed with it all. There is a RAS facebook page which is good for advice and also a involuntary breath holding one. Things will get easier x

Also the stars website, but I'm sure you know about this x

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Thank you so very much - I hope your little one grows out of them, it's so hard isn't it. We've actually had a few good nights now so fingers crossed for at least a week! Thanks again for listening x

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Your reply, couldn't of come at a more appropriate time. We had gone 5 weeks without one, then bam one today when out. Just glad he had his bike helmet on when on the floor. Aww well making tea now, like you do, life can't stop x

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