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Twitching after seizures


My 9 year old has RAS. He has a seizure roughly every 6 months and they vary greatly in how long he takes to recover from them. He had a bad one a few days ago where as soon as he woke up from the first one he went into another as he had hit his back and hurt it when he fell. I’ve noticed that sometimes after one of his worse seizures he will have random twitching / jerking particularly in his arms for a few days afterwards. Almost like myoclonic seizures. Just wonder if if anyone else has experienced this or seen it in their child? It doesn’t seem to bother him too much, I’m just curious!

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Hi my 5 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with ras although it's been happening from birth. She had 2 febrile convulsions and numerous reflex anoxic sezuires since. The last episode shes had 2 in a week but before that it was months. The worst one being afterwards she was staring like a evil stare for a few seconds. (Seems like minutes) but then afterwards will talk and know what she has done. They normally happen after a injury but been told it can happen after a fright or scare too. Its alwful to see but I'd theres a evil stare then I k ow its serious. Normally now she comes out of it quickly with no stare x

Sorry forgot to ask. At what age did he start with ras and have they decreased as hes got older. I'm hoping my daughter will grow out of them but I'm new to all of this x

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He started at 14 months old and he’s 10 now so no sign of him growing out of it but I’m told that’s quite unusual. My niece had a few when’s she was young but grew out of them by about 3. I’ve found that once he’s had one it makes him feel tired and anxious so he’s more likely to have another within a few days so they quite often seem to come in clusters with nothing in between for months at a time.

Mbun in reply to Duvetdaytoday

Thanks. I find that too. My little girls hasn't had any ras for months then had 2 within a week recently.

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