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Psychogenic blackouts/ seizures forum


hi all

i am thinking of starting a psychogenic blackout awareness forum

where people who are suffering blackouts can talk openly about there condition and what they have experienced so we can bring support to this ignored and misunderstood condition.

if you would like to see a forum dedicated to this damaging condition please let me know


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Great idea, count me in!!

Dakota44 in reply to Riverslea2

Thanks Riverslea2

I'd be keen to be part of this, I have had this condition for nearly 3 years and it's been a rough ride. Count me in 😊

thanks Katielre ill put you on the list cheers

Hi! Yes, I'd be interested! I look after my son who has been having a large number daily for two years, and have struggled finding help and support. Anyway I can help others in similar situations by experience or support, I'm in!! Lynne x

many thanks Lynneporterjack cheers

My son is fainting from 12 years old. Now she is 21 and happens 10 times in the last year. I hope in help from everybody. The diagnosis is vasovagal syncope. She has low pression. Sometimes happens for phisicoge situation. Thanks for your help.

count me in my son suffers with this

Dakota44 in reply to nickitate82

thanks nickitate82 cheers

im afraid to say that im not getting enough support for getting this forum going

i have tried to phone the person who said they would help me with this ...they promised in the first instance to do all they could to help .... but quickly retracted the help so im afraid its not going ahead ... i would like to say sorry to all the people who have said they would help it was much appreciated as i thought a psychogenic blackout forum was needed .. again many apologies

I think this is a great idea, I suffer from psychogenic blackouts myself and its something I never talk about to anyone but it is incredibly hard, and no one really understands it.

i hear you im here if you wanna talk

would be helpful

Lovely idea count me in. At the moment I am finding it really hard and I am having lots of synopses

hi seasidelady01 many thanks it is great you have spoken out i can tell you you are not alone

im here if you need to chat

many thanks

Thank you that's good to hear. Today I am going to the dentist. My dentist has changed and when I went for my check up I met her for the first time she didn't understand my VVS or that my heart rate drops and presumed it was to do with needles which I am not at all I have had so many blood tests and injections over the years I am not frightened at all. As I need a filling today my husband waits in the waiting room and if and when I pass out he is called in to bring me round like a knight in shining armour.

Lets hope all goes well with the dentist who has no idea.

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