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Trying to figure out whats wrong

I have heart problems, epilepsy, small vessel ischaemic disease and trying to figure out whats happening or if one of my conditions is affecting another.

Its only really been happening for several months but looking back somethings not been right and recently got severe.

I dont actually lose consciousness but i get chest pain and collapse then sometimes followed by seizures. (Partial and absence)

I am having more problems being in the supine position and especially at night where i have to have a wedge pillow. Else i am lightheaded all time.

I have a constant headache dull ache all the time and keep going funny during the day.

I have had instances with chest pain where i feel lightheaded and legs go weak and collapse but dont lose consciousness.

And sometimes when im in supine i feel funny then after even various time periods i can stand and then sit down and after a bit my head goes funny and its like a seizure type feeling.

Not sure what to make of it as its not exactly syncope or ras or pots.

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