Pre-syncope symptoms for up to a week at a time

Hi, I've had reflex syncope from 11 years old and I'm now 24. I used to faint 1-2 times a month and these days it's only a couple of times a year. Sometimes I have from a couple of days, up to a week of pre-syncope symptoms and I become close to fainting so often that I have to take time off work and I don't leave the house. I've previously had tests on my heart and blood pressure and the tilt table test which confirmed I suffer from reflex syncope, but my heart and blood pressure is normal. When I go to the doctors after prolonged pre-syncope symptoms I often feel fobbed off as they put down to a virus every time. Does anyone else suffer with bad weeks where you need to be in bed most of the week? My symptoms are the typical light headedness, nausea, ringing in ears and feeling clammy. Thanks, Amy.

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  • Hi my daughter was diagnosed with RAS at 7 years old she is now 15 and we have 2-3 days every month were she is off school due to the pre syncope symptoms she like you has to stay later down we are waiting for another appointment with her consultant x

  • Thanks for the response. Sounds like she suffers with it more frequently than I do - hope you get some answers from the consultant x

  • Hi, my dd18 is the same. She only rarely faints these days (used to be up to 4x a day), likewise only rarely has pre syncope symptoms. The cardio specialists have said she has a faulty autonomic nervous system but will hopefully improve as time goes on. The ANS also affects digestion- she gets frequent bouts of diarrhoea and occasional vomitting. GPs always said she had bugs/viruses too when she was continually ill, but we always felt it was something more as nobody else in the family would pick up these 'bugs'.

    Hope your health continues to improve OP.

  • Thanks for the response. I hope her health continues to pick up too. As I said, the faints aren't too bad these days but I have suffered with a lot of pre-syncope symptoms recently which is affecting work. Let's hope they get better over time too!

  • Yes although sadly more often . I manage to drag myself to work and then end up fainting at work I can't take off days every couple of weeks

  • Hope it eases off for you.

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