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Compression garments


I am interested in finding out what type of compression hosiery people use to help with symptoms of POTS. I am aware that I need to wear full length tights from the waist to the ankle. I have been told by my cardiologist that maybe the leggings used by athletes (a brand called SKINS) may be good.

Obviously there are different types for athletes so I am not sure if I would need the ones for activity or for recovery. I would be grateful if anyone could give me suggestions about what level of compression people have found helpful.

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Hi Alex,

I haven't tried compression stockings myself yet, but have done quite a bit of research about them. They are pretty expensive, and from what I've read, people don't always buy the right pair first time around, which has put me off a bit. However, the reason that people get the wrong pair is due to two factors: 1) they get the wrong size, and 2) they get the wrong compression, so they end up either way too tight to wear, or too loose to have any benefit. I have picked up some handy tips along the way...

* 20-30mmHg are often the compression strength that most POTS patients get on with

* Knee high are next to useless to POTS patients, as blood just ends up pooling just above the knee instead

* Waist high are the best option

* Measure yourself before ordering your compression stockings, to get the most accurate fit

* Put them on BEFORE getting out of bed in the morning, to prevent pooling before you get dressed.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help as I've not tried them yet myself, but I would be very interested to hear how you get on with them, and if they help.

Good luck! Helen


Many thanks for your reply Helen. :)


Hello Alex

Ideally, compession tights should be waist high and at least 30mmHg at the ankle

(Grade II compression) in order to help reduce the amount of blood pooling in

the legs. I keep my fingers crossed you will have some benefit from them.

Best wishes



Jenni, is there an information leaflet about compression stockings/tights available from STARS please?


Hi Helen, I am afraid I do not have such a leaflet - a great idea. Thank you! I am told that the larger Boots stores with an experienced pharmacist can be very helpful.


Ah no worries, thank you anyway, and many thanks for the tip about Boots, I will check it out :)


Thanks Jenni.


My apologies, I'd heard that 20-30mmhg was best, but STARS have the best info. That's helpful to know, thanks for correcting me Jenni x


I have had some compression tights prescribed by my GP. They're pretty difficult to get on thought! To buy, the cost £90 each and I have had two pairs prescribed for the cost of a prescription. They are by Altiven and your pharmacist will need to measure you carefully as they are custom sized. There is a special measuring form on their website that I would recommend you print off and take with you.


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