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A couple of questions for the 'experienced suffers'

Good afternoon,

Having been diagnosed with POTS and neurally mediated reflex syncope (also I have ME), I am awaiting an appointment with the cardiologist to begin beta blockers medication. However, there are a few questions I have and wondered if the more experienced suffers may be able to answer them?

1. Does anyone take Alka-seltzers daily? I have read that taking one each night before going to bed, helps the morning symptoms.

2. Is anyone else suffering gallbladder pain? I have had several ultra-scans and blood tests over the last year which have shown no problems however, I have either a dull pain daily or a more pronounced pain which can be agony and i don't know why?

3. Ladies, have you found that taking the contraceptive pill helps with the symptoms of POTS. I have read online that a few people have had success at reducing their symptoms when taking the pill.

Thanks in advance for any answers or suggestions.


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Hi I'm replying for my daughter. She regularly has tummy ache and I think she has some trouble processing fats. pain not particularly in that area.digestive probs generally goes with PoTS. She has had some relief with symptoms around the pre- and menstrual phase by taking the pill. She was fainting daily at that time or just feeling very dizzy and having palpitations. Get expert advise she had some trial and error to match the right pill to the hormone mix that helped at that phase.

I'm curious what does the Alka-Seltzer actually help with? mornings are always worse.

I wish you well- Kathy

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Thanks for this Kathy. I had wondered if to look at the pill as a possible way of controlling hormones for my daughter as she is worse the week before, the week of and the week after her period. Therefore we generally get 1 good(ish) week a month - joy! It is good to know of someone else that has gone down this route with some success of relief. Catherine


A dysfunction of the autonomic system can cause the bile to stagnate, which may give right sided pain. I suffer with that too and my ALT and GGT test results are always elevated because of it. I'm drinking a lot of burdock and dandelion tea, to help the gallbladder, and use hot water bottle to help with the pain. 


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