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Over the last 15 years I have had 5 episodes of seizures all of them have been related to pain and my Doctors do not seem to take them

seriously. the last episode was three weeks ago when during the day I had a tight feeling around my neck like a pulled muscle which got more painful as the day wore on. I had been taking pain killers for most of the day and evening when at 3.00am I couldn't swallow when I came too there were paramedics standing over me wiring me up as a heart attack victim .According to my wife the same pattern had followed as my previous attacks ,my saying I felt like I was going to pass out ,she then said my eyes roll back in my head I lose all colour and according to the paramedics I had very very low blood pressure. After being given an asprin, and then morphine for the neck pain I was taken to hospital .No checks were done I was given Codine and sent home , the paramedics said my heart once the blood pressure returned was fine. This is the same as the attack I had in the USA while on holiday 3 years ago a sharp pain in my back like an explosion then the feeling of passing out , then waking in a ambulance being told that they thought they had lost me twice as my blood pressure was so low ,this time I was kept in hospital for two nights and given a series of tests that revealed nothing . On returning to the UK my doctor sent me to our local hospital where I was informed I was suffering with Epilepsy after weeks of tests this was reversed and again I had no explanation as to what is causing these attacks .I have asked my Doctor what is causing these attacks but all I get is a smile and don't worry they will not kill you ,what worries me is the loss of blood pressure to a level where Paramedics believe they are losing me, on returning to Consciousness it is always the same I am under water fighting for air until I break the surface..Are there any ideas as to what is happening.

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Hello Brian1946 I have had the same sort of thing happen to me over the last 2 years, same thing as you don't feel well, blackout come round to find I have pain in my head neck or back, and sometimes all down my spine. It has left me with weakness down my left side and unable to speak. I have come round to find paramedics giving me CPR. I have had MRI seen heart specialists been told it is a simple faint, epilepsy, muscle spasm. I suffer from migraine as well that doesn't help. I have drawn a blank with my GP, I'm hoping it goes away when my migraine is under control. it is nice in a way to know that we are not alone with this problem. I have had 2 in the last 3 weeks mine seem to be worse when the weather is hotter? does this follow with yours? in the USA? was it hot then? Is your blood pressure normal at other times? mine is. the must be a reason, do the Dr just not know.


Thank you for your reply .The episode in the USA was after spending the day in a waterpark in Florida and yes it was hot. When I arrived at Celerbation hospital I was placed on a drip .The attack came as I was placing dry shorts on at the back of our car there was an explosion of pain in my back then I reached the drivers seat when I went out.


Perhaps you should be referred to a cardiologist? Check out Matt Cain's story in the Daily Mail health pages I thinnk it was about 14th May. You may have vasovagel syncope and it can be caused by a variety of things (I think).


Thanks for your reply I shall Google this and mention it to my doctor as a possible cause.


i would speak to your dr and request that he sends you for a tilt test, and get in contact with stars charity and ask them to recommend a cardiologist that specializes in syncope , i do the same as you but each person is different and got nowhere untill the tilt test. hope this helps


If a doctor doesn't believe you, see another until you feel you are being taken seriously.

Once a range of tests are performed, including psychological ones - listen and see if the results tell you anything.

Never underestimate the mind as it can influence your body so much that physical pain can be felt and vice versa.

Also note the sifferece between a static test eg heart rhythm such as an ECG and a heart rhythm under stress eg tilt table heart rhythm monitoring which is continuous. It's like the difference between a video and a photograph.

Hope this helps?

Di x x


I forgot to say, spasm of the arteries whether they are in your heart, brain neck or anywhere can give you symptoms like you describe. When it goes eg after being given fluid I've or morphine, the tests are done and there is nothing to see.

Blood tests should show if there is any muscle damage to the heart etc and MRI and PET scans are much more sensitive than CAT.

Keep looking for an answer and good luck..


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