Fainting and Dizzy Spells

Hi, ever since I was 8/9 (I am now 14), I have been experiencing dizzy spells and fainting. Before any of these spells, I begin to feel very hot, I go very pale, my ears ring and my vision goes very blurry. To see if there is any reason, I'll try to recollect times I've experienced these:

-Coming inside from the snow into a very warm room

-During a church service whilst standing up

-After a blood test (not testing for this issue)

-Fainting on a hot day

-During a music lesson whilst standing up

-Sitting down during a lesson

-Fainted after my neighbour describing surgery- also in very warm clothes

I've only fainted twice out of these times, but I'm quite curious as to what has happened. I think it may be something to do with my ears as I have also experienced travel sickness since the first time. I haven't experienced one too recently (7 months ago), but I have just been wondering.



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My son has had similar reactions to the things you describe (he is now aged 12), and has also suffered with travel sickness since being very young. His sudden fainting episodes were investigated by a general paediatrician and she was not convinced he was suffering from Reflex Anoxic Seizures (as had been suggested to us earlier), but rather that he just had a rather reactive vagus nerve, which would make him more liable to fainting.

He has been known to faint with no warning, usually if he experiences shock or pain, but has also had the classic signs of fainting (going very pale, ringing sound in his ears, loss of vision etc), when stood for too long in a hot room, and at the sight of needles or his own blood.

We were advised to carry on as normal and that he is likely to grow out of it, but that we should return to his doctor if anything changes. He should avoid becoming dehydrated and have salty snacks available. We were happy with this advice. If you have not already seen your GP, that would probably be the best place to start?

I hope this helps.


Hi, thanks for your reply. I also had one today after running 5k for the first time. Although that wasn't too abnormal, I am considering arranging an appointment with my GP. I've also been told that my aunt experienced similar when she was younger, but also grew out of it.


The symptoms you describe are known as pre-syncope and then may or may not be followed by a complete blackout. The circumstances surrounding these episodes are also recognised as likely to cause problems for some individuals who may be susceptible to fainting for certain reasons in certain circumstances. STARS can email you a Reflex Syncope (Vasovagal Syncope) booklet which will address many of your concerns. email


Wow, you're describing my life lol.. :)

Before being diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope I would often pass out coming into a warm room (still can't cope with the heat). Standing too quickly would send me back to the floor and anything mildly stressful would result in some heavy pre-syncopial feeling.

Added to that, I would just suddenly break out in sweats for absolutely no reason, and I would often pass out.

I still get a lot of pre-syncopial symptoms. Luckily the fludrocortisone that i now take does prevent many of these symptoms becoming full syncope.

As I said, sounds very familiar to me, and I'd recommend visiting your GP, with a view to getting a referral to your local cardiology clinic. The tilt table test was the determining factor for me.

Good luck.


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