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"How do you motivate yourself to get exercise and stay active? What strategies have you found help you achieve your goals"? My version🆗?


Being married motivates me to stay active, owning a Border Collie really does make me go for at least two walks a day. Living on a mountain in a cottage on a 20% hill gives my knees a workout every time I go out! Am I mad or does the adage "use it or lose it" make sense? I often think if I lived alone on the flat without a dog I would be twice my weight and unable to walk at all. I imagine we all have fears in life, mine is to have to rely too much on my wife, who has her own battle ATM which I hope I can assist her with forever.

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Thank you for sharing jointpain !

Absolutely! Use it or lose it. I wanted to move to a bungalow. Wife insists that if you don't walk upstairs you will get very little exercise and said use it or lose it. We now have a dormer bungalow with one bedroom and shower room downstairs - so if necessary we can sleep downstairs but still sleep upstairs. Yeah, sometimes I do find it hard going up and down the stairs but just march up I was told by cardio rehab - good for you - though sometimes I do drag myself up on the bannister! Thing is my memory is so bad I find I am walking upstairs umpteen dumpteen times to get things like, glasses, hearing aids, false teeth - so no wonder my fit bits keeps celebrating my 10,000 steps!

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True, my mother now 90 has a stair lift, and now, after two years cannot walk without holding on to something solid, my father in law at 86 still walks 4 miles a day, but has stopped doing hills, and has lost muscle in his legs while he's getting a little pot! He stopped doing hills a year and a half ago after slipping on ice. He started walking everyday after a triple heart bypass eleven years ago. He lives in a bungalow.

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