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Other ways to reduce joint pain


Hi all, I'm always looking for ways to reduce inflammation and joint pain. Came across another site that all might find helpful. healthline.com/health/pain-... I especially like the review of "RICE" for strains and sprains. It also suggests Tai chi and use of ginger. Very interesting. Check it out and most importantly, keep it moving.

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Tai chi is fabulous because it is movement of the joint which is so so so important for joint health and to manage pain. Of course body weight is also so important as every extra 10 pounds of weight is another 30-60 pounds of pressure on our knees!


There are several types of herbal remedies and nutraceuticals that have been used to address the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. The medical literature has mixed opinions on the effectiveness of these. I believe that this is partly due to the fact that there are some people that respond to the treatment and some people that do not based on a number of different factors. Generally it is believed that there are no side effects of trying these alternatives.

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