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African Americans and arthritis pain


African Americans are 17% less likely to report having arthritis. At the same time, they are almost twice as likely to have severe joint pain and work limitations and weaknesses as a result of their arthritis.

African American women may often choose to tolerate pain and ride out the storm because they have so many responsibilities and obligations. You may even struggle with saying no, feeling like you have let someone down. It is important to acknowledge your joint pain and continue to understand the importance of movement. Life happens and becoming sedentary and moving too little during the day can easily "slip up" on you.

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The "Start Moving" community is people who want to break the cycle of chronic joint pain that is caused by weight gain, that has led to reduced mobility, and has made your joint pain worse.

Millions of Americans are affected by being overweight or obese, and also experience diabetes, depression, arthritis, and other conditions that cause weight gain.

Pain and weight gain really affect people's quality of life every day, and often lead to more loss of mobility.

The good news is that you can break the cycle of pain and weight gain, but if you "Start Moving". Join with people like you who are figuring out how to start moving, keep moving, and improve your health.


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is this really true?

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