static shocks

have bad flare up of Raynauds in hands & feet especially right foot, toes are permanently black joints swollen & the pain is unbearable, but to top it off, I have been getting static shocks its like I'm permanently charged. I have been immobile thanks to pain so find it difficult to understand why I'm getting static shocks off everything i touch its becoming a nightmare to touch anything and its getting more powerful, family when i touch them are getting the shocks off me you can see the sparks and hear the discharge it getting impossible I was wondering if anyone else has this problem as it only occurs when raynaud's is really bad.

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  • These shocks usually occur when the air is very dry. I don't understand yours. You seem to suffer a lot, are you getting any treatment for your Raynaud's? Do you have a rheumatologist? It seems to me rather urgent that you be diagnosed and treated.

  • yes Zanabb I have been diagnosed of sorts, currently waiting for a second opinion as I feel that there is a lot of confusion around my health was referred by my GP to see a Rhuematologist as he suspected Scleroderma but rheumy said i don't have that & diagnosed undifferentiated mixed connective tissue yet I'm being treated for the problems with the medications for it, turns out he's not a auto immune specialist so have requested a second opinion from a specialist in the auto immune, but was asking if this was a symptom of the disease i was experiencing

  • Hi I have Raynauds and ALSO go through periods of horrendous static shocks...mostly when I get out of my new has been very bad for the last 4-6weeks (as has the cold weather & therefore the Raynauds- also my stress levels + & -) I have experiences these 'shocks' off and on for many years but never linked them to my Raynauds. Is this really a common symptom?????

  • come to think of it i get a lot as well, in fact at the hosp yesterday the nurse got a nasty shock off me,...tesco trollys, etc etc .well suppose asda or anyother trolly's will do the same....and never linked it to raynauds either but makes u think

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