I Am Beautiful!

I Am Beautiful!

(Pic is of the White Spots in March 2009)

I was answering a question this weekend about white spots that sclero likes to show up in and got this idea.I am Beautiful!(if u dont know... I talk about scleroderma like its a person...like a second personality trying to take control of my body...like in those crazy movies...lol)

I have always looked in the mirror and saw Beauty. From 260lbs to 120lbs I was pretty. Now I look back at pics of myself with white spots on my face and say WOW GIRL you were ugly...lol but at the time I saw Beauty. Never ugly in the moment. I wish I could post multiple pics of me so yall can see the change.

I am starting to realize that How I see myself is not based on how I physically look. Something inside tells me I am beautiful no matter how bad I really look. I really believe what people say about beauty being skin deep is true. It has to be if I feel beautiful. I have been fat, too skinny, single, lonely, pizza face, and polkadot face but never ugly. People what causes this?

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  • Good self esteem! 8) Keep it up, I used to worry about what others thought of me, would get so self conscious. But as I got older I thought 'Who gives a bleep what people think! either they like me or they don't, and if they don't I have finally figured out it was their loss not mine. And with this picture I don't see any spots, and if I did they would by far be a back drop to your great smile 8)

  • You do look beautiful and I don't see any spots in this photo. I agree with the first comment. Who cares what other people think. As long as you are happy and feel good inside. If you are with good friends or family, they don't care what you look like on the outside. We are all friends here. Keep well.

  • Are we looking at the same pic..lol but thank u both.

  • You have the most wonderful smile not only on your face but in your eyes. When I first saw your picture I didn't see anything but that, until you pointed things out in your comments, and you sound as sweet as you look. I also have the white spots, all over. I didn't know that the white spots were related to the sclero? Stay sweet.

  • thank u. you know during this time period my eyes got real bright... they have always been a light brown but the sicker i got the lighter they were. I think the white spots showed up where my skin was hardening the most. dont know if its true but once i got treated and my skin wasnt tight and the spots were gone.

  • Im so glad that you only saw beauty at the time, because its true. Beauty , the most beautiful beauty, comes from within, and that is always seen in a facial expression, like a beautiful smile. Love the Pic you posted! Thank you for sharing.

  • You truly are beautiful...don't ever forget it! It's easy to feel ugly with this disease as I sometimes do...

  • I have found your testimony to be inspiring, your confidence and courage to be encouraging for me, and your picture reflects these characteristics, along with your natural beauty. Continue to remain the beautiful person with the radiant spirit that you are. I thank you.

  • My Dear Girl,

    Your were Beautiful then and you are Beautiful still. I was so happy to read your story and must send you massive "big ups". You know your worth and you are full of confidence. White spots be dammed! I am nearly sixty, full of aches and pains every hour of everyday. I have loads of white spots on my body, especially my legs and don't even think about them. I am black so they're visible. Lots of things have changed with my body over the past ten years but when I look in the mirror I love what I see. I am always laughing and even take the you know what out of myself. I have wonderful friends and dare I say, lots of young male admirers. They all think I am younger than I am and I never lie about my age. I am proud of myself. I enjoy every bit of life in spite of my illnesses so you go girl. Love yourself and enjoy being Beautiful, have fun and good luck to you.

    I feel more attractive now than when I was young, slim, fit and well. I walk with a stick, I have a wicked smile and still get lots of compliments. Being beautiful on the outside is good but the greatest beauty is that which comes from within and shines without. Keep smiling, enjoy your life and give thanks for everything especially for life itself. Be happy always.


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