Got to have the dreaded camera down my throat "within 2 weeks" as the consultant is concerned that I may have a motility problem due to the Raynaud's. (What does "motility" mean?) Need to decide whether to have the throat spray or sedation; any advice please? Have had this procedure before but several years ago, so have forgotten what it's like, apart from very unpleasant.


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  • Motility means the way the food is pushed along the osophagus and the guts. Mine is very slow. If you are worried why not have sedation?

  • HI, cannot answer the Motility question but as to Throat spray or Sedation then definately Sedation. I have had it and i would pick this way again. Your natural reaction to some one putting something down your throat is to fight it .With the sedation its over before you know it and the recovery time is,nt long. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Carol-C - had my second one last week definitely have sedation.

  • Hi there Carol-C

    I am new to this forum and in the process of being diagnosed with scleroderma. Was diagnosed with raynauds some years ago.

    Motility is to do with how fast the muscles move your food through the digestive tract and I had a camera test a while ago without sedation as it can be a bit dramatic, not for the faint hearted. But it is over and done with pretty quickly so if you are the brave sort and have the spray, it won't cause any lasting problems.

    I have was found to have slow motility problems and now take domperidone capsules before my meals and they help with stomach emptying.

    Hope this helps


  • motility is how quickly or slowly your intestines push the food though, I would have sedation every time as the procedure is not very pleasant! what they give you wears off quite quickly and just enables you to relax, good luck x

  • Hi, I have to agree with everyone else, sedation is the best way, over and done with in no time, without getting that awful gagging sensation. We all seem to have one thing in common, a 'crap' digestive system. Hope all goes well for you.

  • Yes, I've got the added complication of Crohn's disease too.

  • Hi, I had this done a few weeks ago and was very nervous, so i chose the sedation...apart from a slight gagging......there was really no need for me to have been nervous at all, it was all over and done before i knew it. All the best x

  • Hi CarolC: I agree with the previous answers you've received regarding sedation. I just had the procedure on 02/25. It was the second time I've had it done and sedation makes it so much easier and being in a relaxed state when it all over helps with a more comfortable recovery. I'll say a prayer for you, and have faith the procedure will go well.

  • Thank you; that's very kind of you.

  • I had this done with sedation and I'm glad that I did. They found the lower third of my esophagus had narrowed, so they put something down my throat to stretch it. It helped for @ one month. If I had not been sedated, they would not have been able to stretch my esophagus. Good luck to you.

  • O have had this done a number of times under sedation. my consultant thinks that it would be a good idea to do it again. THINK AGAIN then !!

  • Either you are a small well** Kentish_Man, or your consultant's a masochist! I suspect the former and am sorry to hear that you've have to keep having it done.

    **I had a lovely friend that I only saw at work, and only had for a short time, as sadly he died in a very short space of time from pancreatic cancer. He was a real character was Alvin and, whilst this wasn't his funniest saying, I like it: I'm sure you've worked it out already but, just in case ... if you're not at all well, then you must be ... :-)

  • I meant a sadist didn't I ... doh! Can I blame cognitive fog - apparently they don't call it that anymore, does anyone know what the new term is??

  • I think that the title 'masochist' would sum him up quite well. He might even be proud of it !!

    Oh, and for the record, I had worked it out. :-)

  • In that case he ought to be sending himself for endosc :-) unless you know something about his personal life that you're not letting on!

    Thought you would have sussed it :-)

  • I don't particularly want to delve into his private life, especially as he has also sent me for several colonoscopy's already and thinks I need another one of those too. :-(

    Maybe he just wants to see them meet in the middle.

    I bet he has the cleanest drains in the neighbourhood too !!


  • Oh no, poor you! I've had a barium enema but never a colonoscopy, and I SO hope I never have to have one, never mind several :-(

    He certainly does seem to have a passion for inspecting and clearing out pipes!!

  • Hello - I had my first endosc. about 6 weeks ago with the throat spray only ... not pleasant but it had to be done...nurse & team were fab & was as straight forward as these things can be. I know I will have to have another I have Barretts Oesophagus diagnosed but I did think to avoid the anxiety I would opt for the sedation next time....just because it's oine less thing to think about...they found poor motility in the gullet - as due to the CREST that I have but best of luck - you will be fine - possible rather windy afterwards as they push air thourgh the endoscope to open up the tract... & it was rather a long loud blech as the tube came out !! :) plus rather sore for a couple f days after & wind escaping the other end too ! - if you know what I mean ! but you WILL be fine xxxx

  • Theres nothing too it .If you have sedation .You will have it in your arm you will have your throat spayed a thing to hold your mouth open next thing you will be sleeping the next thing it will be over and you won,t know a thing about it . Sandwich and home

  • .I have had Scleroderma (CREST) for 21 years now. I have had motility issues as well. What happens is the muscles at the end of the esophagus stop pushing the food all the way down to the stomach causing lots of reflux back up your throat or in to the back of your mouth which I know is nasty. If that is what you have then the GI will suggest 5-7 small meals (snacks) throughout the day to give your stomach time to digest and process your food instead of it coming back up. If you have a chance to visit with his DIetician if he has one they are very helpful in teaching new ways to eat and control your symptons. I know it is hard at first because there are some foods that you cannot eat any more (limited quantities is what I call it).

    I would definitely opt for the sedation, it is a much more pleasant experience and you really don't remember much. I only had the spray tried once and they couldn't get the scope down properly so then used the they did sedation. They may try to stretch your esophagus while in there as with Crest you can have narrowing of the esophagus higher up as well. The just put a tube in and gently stretch it back open. You cannot be on any blood thinners for 7 days before procedure if you take them. I was having mine stretched every 1 1/2 to 2 years but now they can't due it any more.

    Sorry to be so long winded, but after 21 years you learn how to cope as new things come up. It will be a breeze for you and then you will at least have some answers so you can get to feeling better again. Hope all goes well for you!

  • I have this procedure often but I always have the spray and the sedation never even been giving a choice

  • Definitely sedation!!!!

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