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Primary or secondary

I suffer severe Primary Raynauds i am a 43 yrs old male and i have had the condition since i was 28. at first it only affected the tips of a couple of fingers in my right hand although now it affects all my fingers on both hands, i also have thumb involvement, Recently, over the last couple of months i have been suffering severe pain in my fingers when i have had raynauds attacks. also i have been woken in the night wiyh pain shooting down my left arm coupled with a burning sensation, Sometimes it feels like my arm is about to explode. I have had all the blood tests which seem okay. I went for an eye test at the weekend and have been reffered to doctors, the optician mentioned it might be glaucoma, Could this be related to the raynauds and if so could these signs be linked to an underlying disease?

Thanks in advance for your kindness


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I don't think so, but you had better see an opthalmologist. Hasn't your optitian referred you?


Never heard that Raynauds has caused Glaucoma but it can affect the blood vessels anywhere in your body - I get migraines which is cause by the dilation of the blood vessels. Good luck Gavin ...


Do you see a rheumatologist? You don't seem to be on any treatment.


Thanks for your response.

My Doctor has now referred me to see an opthalmologist.

Went out this morning but had to hurry home as the raynauds attack was affecting every finger in both hands.

So this gave me time to google my symptoms and here is what i found.

Primary open angle glaucoma can be linked with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which can be linked with raynauds. Just thought i would share this with you, I will mention it to my opthalmologist and let you know what the outcome is. Meanwhile any thoughts i will check back.

Thankyou again



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