tissue damage following chill blains

i have suffered chill blain s as a result of secondary raynards for several winters now. on toe in particular is always tend and has never really returned to normal. it is the first to flare up and often become hot and itchy. when i compress the skin look s like it does in atypical chill blain. i have read that they only last 7-14 days so can not understand why i still have issues with it.could it be tissue damage due to repeated chill blain s ? my rhrumy never passes comment when i show him

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  • Perhaps you need to see a podiatrist, who might help with ideas for keeping the feet warm. I have scleroderma and see one on the NHS. Keeping my feet warm is very dificult though. At the moment I have my EXO heated insoles in my bootee slippers.

  • There is a funny rheumatologist. I have had something like it and too long to do anything about it without is healing. Until I went to the podiatrist. She said that I must not have anything that rubs on it. So I had to get roomy shoes from Cosyfeet (on line) and roomy slippers from them too. At home I have walk without footwear to avoid friction. I had to have several doses of antibiotics. Overall it took a year to heal. The rheumatologist may not know about this so you had better tell him so that he learns for the next time he gets across such a thing. I went at first to a private podiatrist because the NHS one took too long to give me an appointment.

  • Zenabb is right in that NHS waiting lists are long, but if you get referred now you may get seen before next winter digs in. In the meantime see a qualified private podiatrist.

  • i have been given some insoles to help. can anyone tell me what caauses the pain and discomfort ? i surely can not have chill blains so long-i fear it could be damage of some sort. i have a connective tissue disorder that we have never got to the bottom of but take all the med s given in SLE i.e steroid and plequnil and have 2 ndry fibromyalgia

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