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What Causes Autoimmunity??

Scientists do not yet fully understand the immune system and what causes the body to produce an immune response to itself. However, we do know that there are a number of triggers which play a role in developing an autoimmune disease. Bacteria, viruses toxins, hormones, significant stress and even some drugs may trigger an autoimmune response in someone who already has a genetic (Inherited) predisposition to develop such an autoimmune disease.

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I wish I understood this - my CREST was triggered by severely stressful episode in my life ..... stress has alot to anwser for?> does anyone else believe their symptons were triggered by stress >


I feel, most definately that stress triggered my symptons. I was diagnosed with Scleroderma 5 years ago. My mother had been suffering with Alzheimers and died 12 years ago, im'e sure the stress and loss of my mum started it off..


My son is an immunologist and he says that there is a long way to go to fathom all this out. Stress as a trigger is only guesswork.


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