Went out shopping yesterday, thought I'd put my thermal gloves on as it was a bit cooler, well I couldn't get my money out in the supermarket as my fingers were white and numb. Is there anything natural I could take to help that doesn't interfere with my medication. It's not even winter yet.

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  • Hello, don't know anything to take orally to help, I would recommend wearing a coat/jacket with pockets that you can get your hands in and then putting hand warmers in the pocket. It's the only way I can keep my hands warm. Supermarkets are an air-conditioned nightmare, I have most of my groceries delivered. Best of luck

  • Thanks for your reply, I did think of getting a hand warmer but wasn't sure how good they were. I just wish there was some good treatment out there without bad side effects

  • There are many different types, if you need it for only half an hour I would recommend the reusable gell types, but if for 4 hours the Mycoal ones are much better, you probably need a selection for different occasions.

  • The Mycoal ones sound like they would be better for me, we go the Lake district a lot and do quite a bit of walking, so would need one to last a few hours. thanks a lot

  • Niacin works you just need to make sure it doesn't react with any of your meds.

  • Yes I did read about Niacin but was worried about them interferring with my meds. I really need to get through to the doctor how debilitating this can be. I hear that Niacin causes flushing. I am 65 and still have hot flushes, a problem I've had since coming off Hrt five years ago.

  • There are different kinds, niacinamide is one. They do t all do that. I do t get that and am menopausal too. Check them out.

  • Will do and thank you

  • I use disposable hand warmers inside mittens, and that definitely works. Another thing is that I make sure my neck is very warm, so I pretty much use some kind of scarf all year round, changing in thickness as needed.

    Are you on any medication for the Raynauds? I take asprin and losartan, and that helps too.

    Stay warm!

  • Thanks for your reply Pino, no I don't take any medication for Raynauds. The doctor has never mentioned anything and just says to keep hands and feet warm as my feet suffer too. Is Losartan from the Gp ?

  • Rheumy wrote to gp to put me on 25 mg losartan and 75 mg dispersible aspirin. It is now on my repeat prescription. I think the gp can also prescribe losartan without a letter though, may be worth asking. They can also prescribe something called nifedipine, which helps. For me, it gave me a very fast heart rate and horrible flush, so that was discontinued. Do make sure they are taking it seriously, as I used to be told to just keep warm too, and ended up losing a third of my right index finger to poor circulation caused by the Raynauds, then they put me on medication! 🙄

  • Oh dear that's awful. Yes it's time to have a chat with the doctor, it's not just something to put up with and I have had it more years than I care to remember. Thanks for all your advice

  • I have a little gadget called a hot rox. The raynauds nurse at the hospital told me about them. Google Hot Rox - you can get them from Amazon and they also sell them on this website if you go to the shop part. Last winter I spent £50 on some super warm sheepskin fur lined gloves and they didn't keep me any warmer than cheap knitted ones.

  • I haven't had luck with mittens. My hands are always cold in them. My husband continues to purchase them for me. Insulated gloves work better for me; they keep each digit warmer. In mittens,there seems to be too much space around fingers to keep them warm. Does anyone else have troubles with mittens? My spouse thinks this is weird.

  • Oh right, I had some thermal gloves but found my fingers were worse in them than ordinary woollen ones. I guess we are all different and have to try various things till we find what works for us. Thank you

  • Thanks I'll have a look. I bought some sheepskin mittens as they are marginally better than gloves, and ok for when out walking, but not much help when shopping. It's trial and error till you find something that works.

  • I have tubular bandages on my wrists all the time, summer as well as winter.

  • Oh right, do they help

  • A debit card which swipes can be easier to manage than change.

  • Not sure about natural but I take nedipedine (slow release as others give me panic attacks). I take 1 am 1 pm most of the time, when it was really hot I took it just am. Has really helped as I have horses so out in all weather. Doesn't interfere with my other medication. (I also take methotrexate, folic acid, Amitriptyline, hydroxychloroquine, co-codamol, thyroxine and vitamin D)

  • That is Nifedipine. I also take it and it does help significantly. 30mg ER taken once a day. Take in the morning 1 hr before eating.

  • Sounds good. I am on Thyroxine, co codamol and amitrypteline at night, so its good to know they don't interfere with them. I have made a note to discuss this with my doctor

  • I use pocket hand warmers and mittens that fold back to all fingers to expose when writing, handling money, etc. I also take Niacin, 500 mgs, three times daily. Be sure to get Twin Lab brand at the Vitamin Shoppe! That is the best brand! You might want to find a more knowledgeable doctor to help you. Take care of yourself. I am here if you have questions. We are all different from the average.

  • Hi , I know exactly what you mean, I had this problem through out the year in supermarkets, although a lot worse in the winter, I get very embarrassed and end up in a hot sweat. I have diffuse Scerledema , polymytosis ,raynauds, osterperosis etc. I take losartin plus many other meds, but mine is for high blood pressure , it doesn't stop attacks which are many in a day. I do use disposable hand warmers, I buy a box online as works out much cheaper. They last for 8 hours, only trouble is to warm my fingers I have to wear finger gloves and then mittens on top to put the warmer pouch in so it can reach my fingers. I keep money in my coat pocket and also use new contactless card for anything up to £30. ( which is somewhere easy to get from ) It's a mission just getting ready to go shopping lol. Hope this helps 😊

  • Thanks, sounds like you have many conditions. I have had this condition for many years but it's got worse, I would love for my doctor to test me for other conditions just to be sure. I don't find my doctor's very good and am constantly told there is nothing you can do. I am hoping to try another doctor. I am looking into hand warmers, anything that will help. Thanks again

  • Hi, I recently went to Royal Free hospital for MCTD and they gave me a list of natural remedies which people have found help reduce raynauds symptoms. Here is the list:

    - Vitamin C (500-1000mg daily)

    - Vitamin E (200-400mg daily)

    - Gamolenic Acid (GLA) (approx. 320mg daily) - can be found on its own or in evening primrose, starflower and linseed/flaxseed oils. (Could take 8-12 weeks to be effective)

    - Gingko Biloba (up to 240mg daily in 3 doses)

    - Ginger (2000-4000mg daily)

    It also says DO NOT use these if taking warfarin or other blood thinning treatments.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Yes thank you it is helpful. I had heard about Gingko biloba and am currently taking it, it's early days yet so can't comment. Ginger is naturally warming so worth a try. I don't take warfarin or blood thinning medication. Thanks again

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