Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)

I was told to go off pain meds for my back and it would go away. Any truth to this?

I was told I did not have scleoderma too much, what does that mean. My results were a shock, retests confirmed it, and then I am told it is not too bad by the numbers. Raynauds and fibromyalgia were more of a concern to the Doctor. Yet in my determination for SS disability for my back, it was considered serious. What do I need to believe?

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Who told you this and why was it said? What evidence was used to back up this profound statement?

I suffer with degenerative disc disease. C-3,4,5,6,&7 have been removed, fused and plated. One stuck to the cord and pulled away dura matter. For a month I had lumbar drains, hoping the hole would close. Nope. Had to have a skin graft on the spinal cord, had a stroke on the table. Was told I would probably be a quad. PTL. I am ambulatory, but a frequent faller. Now all my lumbar and S-1 are ruptured, but not ready for surgery. And it appears a couple in the thorasic are are humping...Get off you back pain med? I believe I would want more than "I was told". And this fact you don't have scleroderma "too much" Is this like being a little bit pregnant? Sheri, can you find another opinion from a rheumatologist? and a good neurologist?

As far as Social Security is concerned it is a sad shape to have to struggle with disability benefits. But don't give up, even if it takes several years.

And get some more competent medical opinions, please.


If you feel that you need something for pain.."take it". No one can tell you how much pain that you should have to handle. I would find a different doctor. Don't stop trying for Social Security. It may take a while but you will eventually get it..I did.


Too much pain medication is too much--what is it working with nothing but pain--in other words people who are not improving cannot tell you what someone who has found relief can ---and for me, honestly, too much dependency of medication pain reliever will endanger your health--strength what is wrong to what will make it right. I now go to a chiropractor and I have relieved of 90% of my pain. I have scleroderma and raynoids syndrome. I have now found in July with sublaxation which means disalignment of the spine and the neck which triggered my pain.


Vitamin D and ginger tea have helped along with lowering my intake of sugar. Drinking plenty of water and giving up sodas. If you do not get to the root of the problem then the source can not help. Maximized Living google it and get the help you need if following their suggestions no one can make you do right but you. Help yourself.


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