Anyone else tried Kelocote scar gel?

I was given a free sample of this at a conference - it is a silicone based gel that is intended for use on scars to soften them and help them heal. I was interested to have a go as I have had several ops and my belly resembles a map of the London Underground! However, having applied it to my scars, it was on my fingers so I rubbed it in around the cuticles and finger tips. Fantastic! I bought a tube (not cheap unfortunately). Its November and usually by now my fingers are starting to crack, then that horrible business with non-healing splits that are painful and need supeglue to keep them together! This is the best thing I have ever used, but the product itself doesnt mention Raynauds at all - it is intended for surgical scars or burns. But if it can keep my finger ends soft then I may be in with a chance this winter?

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  • Hi "Coldfeet" love the profile name by the way ;) Never heard of this. Are you a member of the RSA? You could let them know about it and they can put it in their Newsletter. Sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  • I was prescribed a tape that was impregnated with something which worked amazingly on my split digits, but they have apparently withdrawn it now which is a little worrying!!!

  • Hello Cardifflady Iknow this might be an obvious question but as I am new to this what is the RSA?

  • Raynauds and Scleroderma Association - very helpful charitable organisation !

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