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Finally get my nail off - yes!!!!!!!!!

Had an appointment, with the podiatrist and having an the nail off for the 5th time, hopefully it might be the last time as they are kiling the nailing nail bed off. Have to wait til November though, sandals and winter - not a good combination. Hopefully the dog will leave it alone, she took a liking to my toe before.

I'm supposed to wear deep filled shoes, any ideas where i can buy any suitable footwear.

Also i have the problem with narrow feet, anyone else with narrow feet out there - where do you buy your shoes from???

Hope everyone is well and hopefully the weather might cheer up.

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Have you considered having shoes made through the hospital on the NHS? I must say that they are not the best you can get but sometimes work!


Thank you i haven't thouhght about that before , who would you ask for?


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