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A bit of Warmth at Last

Well here in Leeds we have had two whole days of mostly sunshine and warmer weather!! Yipee, Im so happy. I have gone down to my 'Fagan' gloves as my husband calls them, because they are fingerless hehe. I have got my tomatoes planted and out, and discovered that the strawberries that failed last year, have come back strong this year. Now to just keep those vile slugs off of them! Everytime I had a new strawberry, I would go to pick it and find that the slugs had ate the whole bottom off! hehe My wheelchair is supposed to arrive this week, so I will finally be able to get out of the house and enjoy some of the sunshine. Hope everyone is having nicer weather now and can get out and enjoy it more.

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You have been a warmer than where I am, but I have been out in the garden this afternoon and the long range weather forecast is looking good. You need to get some straw under those ripening berries, I buy mine from an animal feed place, but Tesco usually sell straw in the pet isle, keeps the berries dry. Hope the wheelchair arrives as planned.


I think the weather is going to keep improving - we all need to take full advantage of it!!


My grandmother came from Yorkshire and I have relatives there... Maybe there is a genetic connection... or perhaps it's too widespread across the world


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