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Well, I think I spoke too soon.

Went out yesterday on a 30 mile ride and had numb toes most of the way and did a 19 mile ride today and started off with numb fingers. Yesterday the sun was shining as I started out but it soon disapeared behind the clouds and the wind was b****y awful. When I was training in the earlier months I used to wear 2 pairs of socks (one of them a pair of the silver ones) & neoprene overshoes & still ended up with numb toes, yesterday I just had my normal sports socks on!!

Today it looked nice and sunny but the blooming wind got me again (you'd think I'd have learnt from yesteday!).

Well something to make me feel more sunny, I jsut bought a pair of bright pink tyres for my mountain bike, & fitted them this afternoon, no one should miss seeing me on those!

Have a good week everyone!

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Get yourself kitted out like michelin man - as many layers as possible! That will freak people out when you are training - a mummy type thing on a bike with pink tyres!!! Fingers crossed for some better training weather for you!


LOL @Emma, yes you will probably have to prepare just like it is winter. I have been finding that as it gets warmer, I am getting colder! I wish you the best of luck with all of this, it sounds like it is going to be a wonderful experience! Maybe get some of those socks with heaters, you can turn them on or off as needed?



I almost went out on my bike yesterday but the clouds put me off. I've thought before of using a dynamo on a bike to power heated socks/insoles and gloves. I'm sure it could be done. Have you considered a pair of cycle training rollers? I've used them before, you get used to them quite quickly.

I think you'll be fine on your trip if you can do the rides you are currently doing. one of the best tips I ever read for cycling was pedal quickly in a lower gear rather than slowly in a big gear.

Best wished for your training




Thanks everyone for advice and laughs, dynamo sounds a great idea, I do have battery powered heated insoles in my ski boots so maybe I need to think about them for my cycling shoes!


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