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Is Raynaud's a disability?

Hi everyone, I have Raynaud's it affects my work alot when the pain starts, it grabs me with a vengance, I cant touch anything cos my hands and legs and feet are so sore and the pain is so excruciating, it lasts for a few days then it wears off. I can't work so I have to go home, I had a very bad car accident in November. In Feb my hand started swelling and I was in very bad pain, that was the start of my diesese, i put it down to stress from the car accident, that was in a leaflet I picked up from the hospital, that stress can bring an attack on, and I think the accident had brought it to the surface. It is now affecting my work - I am a carer. Is Raynaud's classed as a disibility or not?

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Stress can certainly bring on attacks - it has happened to me many times.


I wouldn't class it as a disability for myself but for those people who suffer severely I think it most certainly is. I think people's symptoms vary so much that it hard to describe all of us under the same description. Stress will make your condition worse but it's easier said that done not to be stressed!


If it severe enough to affect how you look after yourself and carry out day-to-day activities (as it is with me) then it is a disability.

I have secondary Raynaud's (and other conditions) and I am on two types of tablet in an attempt to control it (which isn't working, even in May). Most years I have Iloprost too. It is very different for everyone.


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