Long Road To Kenya

Long Road To Kenya

Just thought I'd talk about something other than symptoms and tell you all about an amazing adventure I'm taking part in later this year to help raise much needed funds for 3 womens cancer charities.

In November I will be cycling 400km over 5 days through the Rift Valley in Kenya.

I started training back in February and had to think very carefully about clothes to put on when I went out on the bike but considering how often I get attacks of raynauds I was surprised at how well I coped, I think the trick was to layer up really well (I also used my ski gloves rather than normal cycling gloves with the t bag style hot packs in them) then just had somewhere to put layers if I got too hot (I made sure I would be too hot rather than too cold).

It's been great with the weather getting warmer as I've been able to lose a few layers and actually start enjoying some of my rides.

I also joined a slimming club a couple of weeks ago as I really need to lose a couple of stone to enable me to get up those hills! (I stupidly thought the cycling would do this but I think I over compensated with chocolate every time I came back in from a ride). I've managed to lose just over 4lb so far (I think it will be a slow but sure weight loss!!).

I worry that I won't be a fit enough for the ride, as I work full time I only manage to get out at weekends and the time needed to complete longer rides really does eat into your free time, but I have managed to get up to a couple of 30 mile rides so far and next month I will be doing a back to back weekend of 40 miles each day and then another 60 mile ride a couple of weeks later (GULP). Wish me luck and if people are interested I will keep you up to date on my progress!

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  • Wow, 50 miles a day for 5 days, that sounds like a very challenging task but also very exciting. At least the temperature in Kenya for November will be warmer than here.Good luck with the training and I hope you get loads of sponsorship (don't give up on the chocolate completely!)

  • Good Luck!

  • Thanks for good luck wishes guys, & chocolate is definitely still on the agenda (my favourite food)

  • Good luck and enjoy it - sounds like it will be a great experience. And just think of the chocolate you can treat yourself with after you have done it. There are some really good chocolate type protein bars out there by the way - they taste like a real treat but provide a good dose of protein to help repair your muscles etc. They are really handy to keep with you when training. I did an endurance cycle for breast cancer about 3 or 4 years ago - I did 12 hours cycling. I recommend anti-chafing cream is kept within easy reach!!!

  • Hi Emma,

    Thanks for the tip on the bars, what are they called? I was taking drinks with protein/carb powder added but when I started the weight loss program I dropped these & to be honest as long as I ate before I went out I didn't notice much difference. I try not load up as despite all the additional excercise I'm finding it really hard to shift the weight, I've done measurements and have lost some centimetres in certain areas but I do still need to lose actual weight. I too have the 'Udderly' cream & it really does make a difference. Well done you on a 12 hour cycle, that must have been exhausting, max for me so far has been about 3.5 hours so 12 hours just sounds agony!!

  • If you look at some of the Multipower bars they are really good - they are protein based as opposed to being high in carbs so they shouldn't affect your weight too much. The protein should help your muscle recovery. I really recommend spinning classes too - do you have a local gym that does them? They will really help your endurance - the resistance and hill climbs will be great training. I spin every week and recently I have done a couple of 2 hour endurance spins - they are really good. I sound like Mr Motivator don't I (!!) - I love my training! If it makes you feel any better I was walking like John Wayne after 12 hours!! :-)

  • Thanks for the advice and information. I belong to a gym and have been having some PT sessions as well. I know I need to do spinning but I have a mental block re spinning which goes back to a couple of years ago when I went to a class and nearly passed out (haha). I was trying to get my fitness levels up before attempting again but I know I'm now just putting it off & really need to give myself a big boot up the proverbial to get me to a class!

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