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Sunnyside of life!

Hi everyone,

Thought it would be a nice change to do a blog about something else than all my aches, pains and moans and groans! So with the sun shining, well it did shine for about 10 minutes! hehe What little fun things do you do to help keep your sanity through all of this and does anyone have any exciting plans for the upcoming warmer weather. Although in England warm is a relative term :)

For me I have recently taken up the dulcimer, I played violin since I was 12 years old, but due to hand restraints I couldn't play anymore, I found out about the dulcimer and now am a proud owner, and slowly learning how to eek out a tune! I am also planning to plant a garden this year, havn't had much luck in the last two years, either nothing grew or slugs ate everything! But hoping third time is a charm and I get some nice gresh veg this year. Should help in the diet as well!

Looking forward to 'hearing' from you all!

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I'm hoping that if we get some nice warm weather that I might be able to train outside a little bit - apart from training in the gym I am also a martial artist and it will be great to do a bit of combat in the warm sun! I think the neighbours might wonder what I'm doing when they see me flinging myself around the garden or when I start whizzing sticks or my training blade around!! I am told it's good to train outside - I did an outside demonstration quite a few years ago before my hands decided they didn't want to work properly anymore!! I am not planning on going away over the summer but I am moving in with my partner towards the end of next month so we have been busy decluttering and cleaning his house. I'm sure I'll have a period of adjustment to a life of domestic bliss (?!?!). I don't think I have heard of a dulcimer before but if it's something that is easier to play if your hands are bad then that's really good. It is probably good exercise/physio for your hands!


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