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Troublesome Cough!

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Talking about troublesome coughs! I have these bouts of cough at all time, when it starts, it could go for about 5 minutes and then suddenly stop..this occurs during the day and night time! The cough usually is tickly , and my voice has gone hoarse and my throat hurts..😢😔....Is anyone out there going through similar experience? Was diagnosed with diffuse systemic sclerosis!

I hope we all have a pain free day today🙏🏽 ❤️!

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Sounds just like mine. I am putting mine down to reflux /GERD In the early days before and during my lengthy diagnosis everyone seemed to ask me if I had a cough. But I didnt back then now I do. Theres white phlegm as well. I too have the hoarse voice. People ask if I've got a cold.

Have you had a cat scan or chest X-ray? These should be done annually.It’s probably nothing but could be a sign of lung disease in Scleroderma. A non productive cough that is persistent should always be checked out. Ask your rheumatologist for a referral and good luck x

try wild lettuce extract for pain ebay or mt rose herbs. get checked for lung cancer also. bronchitis, asthma, allergies. please go get check out by your doctor now do not wait and make noise. julie

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