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Pip being stopped


Help, I have received a letter to state my pip is stopping as I no longer meet the conditions although nothing has changed since last assessment apart from reducing my hours at work due to exhaustion and starting hydroxychloriquine for painful joints. I was only on the lowest payment which paid my prescription charges. Also stated I Have no pulmonary hypertension which I have and have suffered with since early age and still take meds. Mentioned an mri on joints I haven’t had one. I’m so angry

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Sorry to hear you are having a bad time.

I cannot help on the PIP part, would just make you aware of prescription pre-payment which is cheaper than paying by item.


Just in case.

Ncoff1 in reply to Poppy221

Thank you I currently use that much cheaper than paying individually for each item

Digraceful and worrying. Particularly when we aren’t as easily able to access our consultants so less likely to have up to date confirmation of our diseases in writing now. I hope you can take this up with them - draw attention to incorrect information about MRI and perhaps phone your rheumatolgist’s secretary to request a letter confirming your diagnosed conditions and the fact that they don’t just go away. X

Ncoff1 in reply to 282523

I will thank you for the advice

282523 in reply to Ncoff1

Best of luck 🤞🏻X

disability lawyer number 1.

2 for pain try wild lettuce extract, mountain rose herbs, ebay i take it for scleroderma, lupus it is great. good luck love julie

Hello. Sorry to hear you're having issues with Pip. I'm having my own issues trying to make a claim to begin with. I would suggest you get in touch with your local Citizen Advice. They are brilliant! They've helped both me and my partner several times, and are currently helping me with my claim. They will know all the options available to you, and should be willing to help you through all of them. Might be worth a try! Good Luck!

Thank you

So sorry. I had mine stopped and survived on a private pension of £73 a week.I was recovering from Cancer. I had COPD, Sleep apnoea, depression.... and had paid full tax and stamp for over 40 years. And I was a WASPI woman so went from 60 ( when I had to retire on I’ll health) to 65+10 months on my £73. I am now paying off debts accrued during this time in order to top up my weekly pension. I was made to feel like a scrounger and have never felt so humiliated and/ or vulnerable. However.... Those in the jobs of stopping PIP are the scrounges due to the older ones having their education payed for by the Tax payer in order to ditch their ethics in order to fill their own pockets. Sorry it is a long post. I wanted you to know that “” it isn’t you”” it is our capitalist system. And I have known far worse cases than mine be overwhelmed by PIP decisions. Take care lovely. I dearly hope you are able to sort something out. Citizens advice beau-roes are wonderful at helping with information you may need. 🙏🎈❤️

I know it’s def a flawed system that’s for sure

Ask for a mandatory reconsideration. Then go to the tribunal if it's refused again. I won my case.

The a no you I’m awaiting a callback from cab

Hi there, PIP has an appeal process that you can use. You are entitled to point out all the discrepancies in what they have said, and all the things that are not true about your health. Most people find that they get it reinstated on appeal. Channel your anger and frustration into contacting the relevant department, point out their mistakes and start appealing.

In many parts of the country there are charitable organisations that can support you to do this if you need help, as someone else mentioned Citizens Advice is there to help you to.

As others have said you can demand that they reconsider your case.

Get your Consultant write a letter of support stating the facts about your condition

Get your GP to hop on board too.

Show them you mean business :)

All my best

Lucy xx

Thank you

Hi Ncoff, sorry to hear your PIP has been stopped. Next stage is to ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration, there's a group on Facebook called 4Up and you will get so much information from their site if you join. Good luck xx

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