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Sudden nausea

Hi all.

I have systemic limited sclerosis with secondary raynauds.

I also show telangiectasia in my face and inner lower lip. I never had any issues with reflux previously, but had the odd occasion with reflux and the feeling that something is stuck within my esophagus, for which I took omeprazole for a while - I have now switched to an adhoc basis but don't seem to have much need.

About 2 weeks ago for the first time I very suddenly had the feeling of extreme nausea and had to leave a yoga class as I thought I would throw up. The same situation occured about 1 week later. I never actually threw up and the feeling subsided after about 40 minutes. The second time this happened I thought I had the taste of blood in my mouth, but didn't see any blood.

During my last rheumatology appointment 2 weeks ago I had enquired about the occasional nosebleed (something I know is also related to side effects of Sildenafil) and also one large spot of telangiectasia on the outside of my lower lip which bled a couple of times. I was told that the nosebleeds might be more likely connected to telangiectasia inside my nose rather than the side effects of sildenafil.

My suspicion is now that also my esophagus might be lined with telangiectasia spots, one of which might have opened and started bleeding. I understand the bodys reaction to swallowing ones own blood would result in nausea. I would of cause ask to get this confirmed by my doc.

Did anyone here experience this and / or have any advice / share their experience?



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Be careful with that the Dr's scope my esophagus every 9 month I have esophageal varacies and they have to band them. Tell your doc cuz you could bleed out from those , not to scare you but don't ignore it


I use Emetrol. I feel sick outta no where too.


I didn’t realise feeling sick was part of it , it explains a lot now I’m constantly feeling sick with upset stomach and the urgency to go to the toilet straight after eating


It is certainly a real possibility that our gastrointestinal system will be affected by Scleroderma. Unfortunately we can't really see whats going on and will have to get into the unpleasantry of endoscopy to find out.

I am considering doing that just so I know what I'm dealing with. The above are only suspicions for the time being.

Did anyone have an endoscopy done for this?


It showed inflammation in my stomach

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It seems the intake of Fluoxetine might be the culprit to the nausea!

The nausea did happen after taking of meds. I was actually sick a couple of times (it seemed quite frothy). Even trying to avoid taking meds together, it seemed to happen after the Fluoxetine intake.

I am much more careful in how I take the tablets now (after food and not in a mad rush) and try not to take it together with other meds.

So far it seems to help.


I hav been given anti sickness tablets they are a god send


Maybe. But... not more tablets?!? 😣


I know but if it helps and stops it I’ll try anything


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