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Systemic sclerosis and secondary raynauds and sun


Hi guys. I was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis and secondary raynauds Christmas time and am very lucky as my husband booked a few days away in the warmer climate for me. (It's snowing at home right now!) The question is should I (Do you guys) burn easier in the sun? I have been out for about 1 hour 15mins , it's only 13° but I am sunburnt ?

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Put on lotion!

Haha I had factor 30 on !

I have read that with autoimmune disorders you need to be careful in the sun (especially those with Lupus ) as these disorders all involve the skin. The sun can cause you to overheat and promotes swelling. Medications as well can change how your skin reacts to the sun. Wear sunblock and limit direct exposure to the sun! Take care.

be careful, I wear factor 50 and still burn, swell and become really uncomfortable :)

Hi Sylviaherring, when I went to Tenerife 2yrs ago my GP suggested I use factor 50 sun cream, and advised me to stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day, in fact I took the oppurtunity to go back to my room at that time of the day to rest. During the rest of the day I wore a wide brimmed hat and sat/laid under a parasol. I enjoyed the holiday immensely it was so nice to be in a warm climate, in actual fact at one time it got too hot, it was in the mid 30s! Again on those occasions I went back to the room and sat on the balcony in the shade. Enjoy your holiday, sending you hugs.

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