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Sore skin creases

Hi, Community.

I wonder whether anyone else suffers from terribly sore skin-creases under their toes and on soles of their feet?

I have Lupus, Raynaud's and Erythromelalgia (EM). Particularly at night, this last causes my feet to become tingly as if being stung by millions of nettles. They become hot, deep red and very, very painful. This heat/colour change/tingling/pain has happened most nights for years and years but recently, all the creases on the underside of my feet have joined in the fun. Each individual crease is red, as if I have drawn them in with a fine marker and I haven't found a way to relieve the pain. Twice daily, I moisturise my feet all over, with a heavy cream but still the skin of my feet is very dry and the creases become painful+++ when the EM kicks in.

What with this and a crop of viciously painful chilblains, I am struggling.

Any suggestions most gratefully received. thank you

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