I start 15mg of methotrexate sometime this weekend, though I am putting it off, I've heard some horror stories, really not looking forward to maybe feeling sick etc, I've read the side effects, probably not a good idea but has to be done, anyone else taking it and what side effects have you had, some say weight gain upset stomach sickness etc, advice would be helpful, thank you

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  • Hi Nikki, it is understandable to be concerned about taking any new drugs, especially ones that have a list as long as your arm of side effects. 15mg is not too big a dose, and usually you are monitored very closely with weekly, then fortnightly, then monthly bloods to check how it is affecting your blood and liver. Nausea can be helped by taking folic acid more often than the usual prescription of once a week. Any concerns then talk to your specialist nurse (or the prescriber). Lots of people take MTX without any significant side effects at all. Even if people have problems at the start the body often adjusts to it and side effects can ease. But, as I just said see how you go and talk to someone rather than worry about it.

    All my best

    Lucy x

  • Thank you lucy, I've had my initial bloods taken and seeing the consultant in 6weeks with another blood test before I go, so yes I'll be monitored, just hope I don't have to be on it too long and that my body responds quickly.

  • Hi TBH I am glad I started it. I couldn't bend my legs at the knees for such a long time through the Scleroderma, which made things very difficult! I'm on 20mg & although I need monthly bloods done, it has improved the very tight skin I had. It worked pretty quickly & my relief was fast. I do feel sickly on 1st taking them, but it does wear off. Like everything else new, you get used to it, I would rather have the relief than the pain I had. If they don't suit, there are others, but give it a go. Good luck

  • Thank you for that, feel a bit better hearing other stories, I'm on 15mg for morphea so I'm hoping it will help release the tightness.

  • I'm sure it will Nikki, bear with it. It was doing a good job with my RA as well, but that has moved up a notch unfortunately, but the Scleroderma is so much better.

  • Hi Nikki, I am on the same dose as you and take folic acid on the other six days. It has improved my skin tightness and morphea a great deal. I take my MTX in the evening with a main meal and whilst I do have some side effects the benefit far outweighs the drawbacks. Good luck

  • Hi, thank you for replying to me, I took the mtx, last night after my meal and the folic acid today, no side effects yet, would I get them on the first dose or is that something that comes the more I take them. Thank you

  • Hi Nikki, I suspect it varies from person to person, but if you haven't suffered from any nausea yet that's probably a good sign. With me it took about 6 weeks before I noticed any relief but the side effects of fatigue/brain fog for a couple of days following my dose have remained pretty constant for me. Be fairly consistant of when you take the drugs though and certainly MTX always with food. Hope that helps

  • I'm on 12.5mg and it has been a god send. I'm lucky and the only side effects was mouth ulcers, so I now take folic acid 6 days a week.

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