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Medication advice for Raynauds


I have never taken medication for my Raynaud's and simply just put up with it in the winter. But this Autumn I will be visiting an extremely cold place (think -20 centigrade) for a few days. I am actually worried about getting frost bite so thought maybe I could take some medication just for this trip.

Can anyone recommend something for me?

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I suggest you contact the Raynaud's and Scleradorma.

I have been prescribed Nifedipine for my Raynauds ,I think that is the normal medication.

You need to talk to your doctor. They can also tell you what danger signals to look out for if things go beyond a 'normal' Raynauds attack. Do it sooner rather than later to get settled on any prescribed meds before your trip . Hope you have a good time!

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