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Skin rashes

Hi I have limited scleroderma fibromyalgia and arthritis in my spine and hips as well as sjorgens and raynauds the last 7 months I have a rash on my face every 6 weeks or so and covers my face more each time it occurs at the moment the rash covers around my mouth and left eye and cheek it is very itchy and sore turning my skin to purple and red colour when the itching stops the skin gets very rough to touch and the skin flakes off my GP has been treating me with steroids and will see my rheumatologist on 6th June I was wondering if this has happened to anybody else and could tell me what is going on I would appreciate any information thanks

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Sounds very familiar! I was diagnosed with severe Raynauds about 9 months ago and rashes appear and disappear for no reason. I get the butterfly rash on my face and also a red rash and blister like lumps on my feet.


Hi there, sorry to hear that you are suffering at the moment. Rashes could be caused by so many things that the best person to see is a Dermatologist. Your Rheumatologist might have an idea about it, as it could be linked to your conditions, but ideally they will refer you to see a Dermatologist. Rashes can be side effects to medications, reactions to things in the environment (often people with auto immune conditions are very sensitive and their over reactive immune systems can develop reactions to things). Sometimes rashes can be rosacea which is because immunosuppressants drugs weaken the immune system...I could go on. There are lots of things it could be. Wait and highlight it to the Rheumatologist and make sure if they can't determine what it is that they send you to someone who can.

Hope that helps

All my best

Lucy x

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Thanks for your advice hopefully the rheumatologist knows what it is


Its just a thought but do you sleep on that side of your face.

If so think about the washing powders. I hope you feel better soon.


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