All day feet been frozen

Hi all its been a very nice sunny day and yet my feet have still been frozen and hurting all day no let up.😢Feel really stressed by them which I know don't help at all but it drives me crazy I'm also 2 months into stopped smoking and I haven't noticed any improvement yet which i did hope I would maybe its going to take longer before i do.Up at doctors this week to chat about medication,hope all goes well.Hope you all OK xx

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  • Hi , i have mild secondary raynauds and my toes suffered yesterday as well 😕 I put on another pair of socks and a fleece, as the rheumy told me to keep my core warm , and it made a difference. Roll on the summer!

  • I have 2 pairs socks and thick slippers on today yet their still cold 😢am really down with it.I agree I can't wait till summer either but mine tend to burn in the summer,well they did last yr but least their warm I guess.x

  • Hi littleones, sorry you had a bad day. I think it looked sunny but wasn't that warm. I still had to wear my furry boots and my hands had a really bad attack of Raynauds. So I was out and about dressed for winter passing people in t shirts and shorts!!! Roll on summer and sending lots of warm healing thoughts xx

  • Hi water bottle. That is what I use. I know you can't walk around with this but when sitting down its ideal. Thermal socks are good too....put them in the oven for a few minutes until they are warm then put them on...or over the radiator if on...or the tumble dryer....see where I am going with this? as for the smoking...well done on giving them the shove! I did the same thing years ago and it took a while before I felt any benefit...but once you get over the craving and don't reach for a fag without thinking you will find it a lot better...and you wont cough as much unless you have the systemic sclerosis that damages your lungs are damaged so I still cough but would be a lot worse if still smoking. Good luck going forward pet. x

  • Thankyou for the advice I do have some snuggletoe slippers that I heat in the micro wave they are good when I'm just sitting still but really need something for when I'm on the go having the two little ones I don't get to sit often lol.I'm really hopeful by quitting it does help me in time as the tingling is also very annoying and it makes me so worried at times which then don't help as worry makes it all much worse.Many thanks and all the very best to you x

  • I had frozen feet along with terrible cramping at night of front shin muscles, but recently Rheumatologist recommended Fluxoetine 20mg daily and this has really helped. (I take it at night) .The cramping is now more like a tingling and I actually wake up wth hot feet. Also on Lyrica 75mg daily and previously Noritriptylene 30mg daily, whilst the later two made me woozy the Fluxoetine does not. This was previously known as Prozac, but it doesn't seem to make me "happy" either but does the trick with my frozen feet and cramped leg muscles so I am happy with that!

  • Glad its helpful I don't seem to get cramping but I do get tingling in my shins along side my feet with the constant coldness its just so annoying I'm at GP tomo going to have a chat as long as they give me lol which ain't very long and hard to get everything spoke about in the short time they give but will see how it goes hopefully some help will be given,all the best to you and thankyou for the advice x

  • Well mention the Fluxoetine as it has taken me 5 years to get this recommendation and started with Amitriptylene, pregablin, lyrica, etc. etc. which only made a little difference, but the Fluxoetine has made a lot of difference but if yours if Raynauds and Scleroderma I am not sure if it the right med for you. I had the Raynauds test at Royal Free, but apparently not Raynauds although my fingers took longer to warm up than those people with Raynauds, but I didn't have the capillaries in my fingernails, so diagnosed as "quite significant peripheral vasospasm on cold exposure" for my hands but never tested my feet.

    Let me know how you get on tomorrow. I always find it best to write down what you want to ask and the names of meds, as it seems when faced with a doctor, I lose the power of memory and speech!!!

  • I also had this done at royal free on my feet my capillaries were good everything OK with hands but toes were poor on rewarming after cold stress,suggestive of peripheral vasospasm,the nail fold capillaries were normal arguing against any underlying disease.I do usually note everything down as I am the same in forgetting certain things also lol.My main thing is to try to stop my worring as I'm sure this is making it all very worse,I will mention about medication as I have only just been to royal free in February this year but have had this now since last early march of last year.Thankyou and again all the best,I will update after I see gp x

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