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swelling of nose related to Reynaud's?

My Reynaud's symptoms are mostly in my feet/toes and my nose. My nose sometimes gets very red, and I also can experience those weird sensations that come from being startled--and intense tingling.

Some time ago, the part of my nose beneath where my glasses sit started to swell slightly. It isn't noticeable to people who haven't seen me before. In fact, it's mostly only noticeable to ME. But it is happening. Also, there is slight wrinkling where the swelling is. I starting thinking about how this is what happens to my toes after they calm down from chillblains. But I also wonder if it is simply from the pressure my glasses place on my nose...though, I have been wearing glasses for about five years, and this only started within the past year.

Does anyone else who has Reynaud's have some swelling on the nose like this?

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Hmmm...for what it's worth, I have something version of the red swelling nose has embarrassed me for years...going way back. I've had raynauds from early in childhood & am now 62. My raynauds is simultaneous with erythromelalgia, all secondary to infant onset systemic lupus. My red nose thing usually coincides with the 24/7 cycle of my erythromelalgia burning phases (in feet, hands & nose/chin/ears especially). I didn't have my multisystem conditions formally diagnosed until I was in my 50s....(my mother hadn't told me about the early lupus diagnoses, and I moved to the UK right after university, unaware of the lupus) meanwhile I used to worry the red nose gave the impression I was an alcoholic (I drink hardly at all...maybe 4 glasses of wine per week)

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PS mulling this over since my first thinking maybe I should add a bit more, which might be helpful to you &/or others living with this tendency:

I use dermalogica primer & tinted moisturiser to disguise my nose & chin redness.lmy skin can tolerate these & they give v natural cover that blends well with my v fair skin tones

My primary is systemic lupus and am being watched for vasculitis. I have a long history of nasal passage infections, lesions, crusting & chronic sinusitis. Am being watched for vasculitis

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No, not so far, but the end of my nose does get cold


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