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What is raynauds?

So back I'm Dec 2013 I was DX with fibromyalgia along with raynauds it was a cold winter day my hands were freezing purple and numb... and that's how the Dr. DX me... I always thought I had bad circulation.... but is that all raynauds is , jus numbness and color changing in hands and feet??

I'm new on this site hoping I'm posting this to the right thing ahaha :p

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Sound like raynauds to me.


Yes basically that is what Secondary Raynaud's Syndrome is. I was told way back about 40 years ago that it is caused by a spasm in the blood vessels in the wrist. When exposed to cold the little blood vessels spasm and shut down the blood flow. I have never challenged that explanation because that's the way it strikes me. In addition it causes changes in the cuticles. In my case they became hard and started growing unusually up my nails and would have little bits of blood in the tissues.

I did meet somebody once who said they had Primary Raynaud's and her feet were disfigured, which mine never were. If you research Primary and Secondary Raynaud's you will find more descriptions.


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