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Anti-Depressants in the treatment of Raynaud's

Hi everyone,

Very new to blogging so bear with me, modern technology and all things associated with it left me behind many years ago!

I've heard about anti-depressants being used in the treatment of Raynaud's once or twice but have never seen much written about it until reading the current therapies section in a recent edition of 'Hot News'. My GP has suggested a course of anti-depressants to me at various points in my life (as a treatment for depression rather than Raynaud's!) but I've always avoided going down that route.

I'm now beginning to think that if there's a possibility that I can 'kill two birds with one stone' with a medication that will help me feel a bit brighter when I'm going through a low spell, and also lessen the severity of my Raynaud's attacks, it may be an avenue worth exploring.

I'd be really interested to hear experiences from anyone who is using, or has used, an anti-depressant for the treatment of Raynaud's, whether it helped, any side affects, etc...

Rach (Cold Hands Warm Heart!)

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Rach - when I was first diagnosed with CREST my consultant suggested the use of Prozac to my GP to assist with my Raynauds (with the added benefit of lifting your mood!). I have not taken it as yet but I had a review with my consultant last Thursday and having suffered during the last two winters with continual Raynauds attacks it may be something I try later this year to see if it helps. I was also told about some pads that you can put on the back of your hands which help the blood flow to that area - I thought that sounded quite interesting. I think it is a case of trying different things to see what works and helps you. If you decide to go ahead I hope it helps you. Emma.


My consultant suggested one of the Viagra drug variants to help with my scleroderma symptoms. I didn't take up the offer but apparently it also lessens raynauds.


My rheumatologist prescribed amitriptyline for me months ago and i wasn't keen on taking it as I'm not depressed. He assured me that for depression it is prescribed in doses of about 200mg per day. But for chronic pain and inflammation they prescribe 50mg per day and it apparently has an effect on the pain receptors in the brain. Eventaully , after trying lots of other medication with no effect I decided to give it a go. It takes a little while to get used to as it has a sedative effect and can give you a 'fuzzy head' on a morning so you have to increase it slowly week by week from 10mg per day to 50mg and it can take about 8 weeks to feel the full effects, but so far it's been the most effective thing I've tried. I feel like a different person. My constant pain and soreness all over my body has eased to the extent that I can have gentle swims again (i used to swim 2 miles 4 or 5 days a week and had to stop ) and I nolonger have as many 'wiped out' days. . I'd recommend anyone to try it.


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