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Doctors tomorrow about Raynaud's, what should I expect?


Hi, im going to the doctors tomorrow with what my mum thinks is Raynaud's. Im 18, female and don't smoke. I always feel cold, even when im indoors I have to have a jumper and 2 cardigans on to even feel slightly warm. When everyone is going out in t-shirts and shorts im going out in a coat still. Not only this but when im cold (which is basically all the time) my hands go a death colour and also go purple with these weird bright orange fluorescent marks over my hands, up my fingers slightly and around my knuckles. These symptoms don't just happen with my fingers like Raynaud's suggests, this is literally the whole of the back of my hand. Im going to the doctors tomorrow, what should I expect? Also from your experience does this sound like Raynaud's? Its the orange marks that have thrown me. Thank you for your help :)

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When you go to the doctors ask for an ANA (anti nuclear antibody) blood test. That will help to confirm or eliminate whether or not you have an underlying condition which may be causing the symptoms you are having. Describe to the doctor what happens to your hands when they are cold as it will help with the diagnosis.

If you want to discuss this after you have seen your doctor there is a confidential helpline you could call on 07530 810 964.

Good luck!


I have Raynauds and my hands can appear to have bright patches amongst the 'death look', never really questioned it, I think it is just a transitional period between your hands being totally devoid of blood flow and some still getting through, it tends to happen to me when I am warming up, looks very odd. There are lots of ways of staying warm and lots of help out there, use these forums, they are a great source of info and support.

Sam x

Thank you so much! The doctor confirmed I have Raynauds and I've got to go for blood tests tomorrow to see if there's any underlying problems. Hopefully it's all straight forward now :)



We hope the blood tests go well for you Charlotte. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to call the RSA on 01270 872 776 or email

Everything is kept confidential. Thanks and best wishes. RSA.

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