Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)

Just had my second Prolia shot less than two weeks ago. A few days ago I noticed thick hard skin on a few knuckles...Scleroderma?

Am suspecting that the Prolia has started Scleroderma, which I have never had before. Will be talking to my rheumatologist soon. Anyone else have it start up after beginning Prolia? My Raynaud's has been much worse this year, as well.

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I have had two Prolia injections mainly because I cannot take the Alendronic Acid tablets as I have gullet problems with my Scleroderma. I have not found that my condition has become any worse. What was the reason you were given for you to have the injections as I know that doctors prefer to give the tablets if possible.


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