link between raynauds & chronic fatigue syndrome?

I have been diagnosed with raynauds after recurrent numbness in fingers & toes, blood tests showed no underlying illness. I have had a few bouts of flu like illnesses this year which last about 5 days when i feel utterly exhausted & unable to work, but no temperature...does anyone else suffer these or know of any links?

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  • I had a similar experience to yours and the GP referred me to the ME clinic but they first wanted to do tests- these are specialist tests to check you auto-immune system. they decided on the basis of the results that I have mixed connective tissue disease so I have raynauds affecting my feet, lossof sensation from knees down which means I am always tripping up, sjogrens disease , and problems swallowing. I have several tests each year but no treatment and I always pick up coughs and colds. I believe that the Roayl Free Hpl in London is the main centre in the UK but any decent rheumatologist should be able to help you . at least we had a good summer now the cold is a real pain. hope you get some answers soon

  • I also suffer with fatigue and have been diagnosed with pbc (primary biliary sclerosis) and sjogrens. So I would get your auto immune system checked x

  • Hi Roseter think you mean Primary Bilary Cirrhosis as I too have this is and fatigue is a big symptom of this. Agree with you though Chrissie would need to get further investigations carried out fatigue can also be caused through simple things such as low iron etc.

  • Thanks so much for all your replies xx

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