Low blood sugar?

Is it possible to have really low blood sugar with raynauds, I mean, my rays is bad most of the time, but recently it seems to get worse when I'm low on blood sugar. For example, I went to the hospital 5o visit my nan the other day, I all of a sudden went all light headed, I told my mum, went to the toilet and was fine again, 5 minutes down the line, it happened again, this time my nan, who was really ill, noticed, and said to me to have a banana, then cos I was practically fainting, I agreed, about 20 minutes later and I was fine, due to the slow energy release. Please help, it's affecting my day to day life a lot now. And yes I know, when I go back to school I will be going to the Dr....thanks!!

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  • I get the same and when my children would see me going funny they knew they had to feed me. Now I always have some sweets with me just in case.

  • Yeah, is there a food which is slow energy release but not fruit as I'm not keen on fruit and I also have difficulty swallowing, oh and I don't like nuts?!

  • Yes, I generally take a small lunch box of snacks with me like crackers, fig newtons, water, a sandwich and place a freeze pack to keep my foods chilled. If I have a food that needs heating, then I will stop by a convenience store and warm it up. It does pay to carry food with you, for you never know when you may have a light attack. Wishing you more comfort.

  • Ahh ok thankyou Thelma! I'm just looking for a food which is slow releasing energy which will last 4 hours....

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