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Weight loss and medication

Hi everyone, I haven't posted in ages, I just lurk in the background most of the time. I have been really struggling with a recent weight gain. I have been over weight all my life but have really shot up there as I am getting older. I did really good over a year ago and lost 5 st, then I fell in the bath and fractured my arm and put it all back on over the last months.

Trying to get the weight back off now and find that I am really struggling this time. And it isn't do to eating to much, been watching what I eat and excersising as much as I can. I have severe mobility issues and breathlessness so it is very difficult for me to do a lot of things. I find that the Wii is the best as I can tailor it to fit my situation. But it just doesn't seem to be shifting this time. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions that work for them to battle against the steriod monster and other pills. Gets very frustrating to be doing everything right and step on the scale and it says I am exactly the same as the week before. I suppose I should be happy I am not gaining anymore but not so much. lol

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I totally identify with your situation. Similar history & at 62 i& about 2.5 stones overweight.

I did manage to loose 2stones on the Dukan high protein diet but didn't stick to the '1 day a wk protein only' rule. Friends of a similar age did & kept all the weight off 2 years down the line.

My local authority health board runs 10 wk classes called Weight to Go. I've just started & basically they do the same as Weightwatchers - weigh, measure but here's the difference; after the usual stuff there's 75minutes of gentle circuit training. I'm expecting the intensity to increase over the 10 as we all get lighter & fitter. I've also started Tai Chi & Aquafit. I've gotta put a bit of extra effort in to shift the blubber. For me it's suck it up & get on with it for the sake of my damaged knees etc etc. good luck & keep in touch to let us know of your successes. Even if its exercise giving you better quality sleep which it defo does.


Hello there. Everyone is different when it comes to weight. I fought with my weight or over twenty years in an effort to keep to being a size 14. Society now thinks this is too big and alas many women and girls buy into this.

I don't think there are many slimming pills I have not taken. Never exercised but worked vey hard. I stopped at aged 42 years old as nothing was working. I decided to be happy with whatever size I ended up with and ate whatever I wanted in moderation. I was a plump child and my grandparents relished the praises heaped upon them for the great job they were doing to have such a well fed granddaughter. This was a sign of financial prosperity where I come from. I am now a happy size 18. The aches and pains are enough for me to deal with so I don't worry about my weight. That's me though. I don't believe in any strict dieting now.

Anyway, the answer to your question is yes, it is not easy to lose weight when mobility is limited and have things like underactive thyroid and other autoimmune disease. Eat and drink well, reduce sugar and fat, eat smaller portions and if possible, go for gently exercise by going for a stroll around the block.

Try not to stress too much and don't beat yourself up. Your nurse at your GP's surgery can help with advice and diet sheet.

Good luck!


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