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Hi all,

I have a quick question as what else I can with this situation. This is going to be long but bare with me. I asked tesco to collect my repeat prescription as they normally do 2 weeks ago for collection on sat just gone as my doctors are slow. Went to pick it up on sat to find they don't have my prescription but they showed me the paper to prove they went for it but no excuse. They said they will ring my doctors to sort it out which is ok. I wanted to find out for myself why they have not got it. So I rang the doctors and was told yes I can see it was singed on the 1st, so the lady wonders off to see if she could find it and came back saying she would look into it and call me back. I wanted 2 hours then called back and spoke to someone else who said yes we have sorted it and we have rung tesco's to come and collect it. That's when I asked so what happened to my other prescription to the answer I don't know (understandably) so I said the practice have lost it then to the reply yes it looks that way as if to say it happens all the time. As you can tell I'm am really concerned that they seem to want to play this down soooooo much esp with my address along with other things are on tha piece of paper. A formal letter of complaint is going in with a view to a full investigation as to what happened and I am leaving the practice with immediate effect. What else can I do???

I know it may seem I have gone but need to give the full picture.


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I don't know. These things happen, but if it happens too often then you have to complain to PALS. Recently HEALTH WATCH has been created, but I don't know the details in your part of the world. There are also leaflets in surgeries about how to complain.


Every month I have repeat prescription problems. I am on a long list of drugs.

At my GPs practice you have to submit a hand filled request which takes at least 48 hours to process. Possibly longer.

Many of my meds are now set up to be repeat prescribed by the reception staff but some require a doctors authorisation.

I also get a couple of home delivery meds that I DO NOT order via the surgery.

EVERY single month it seems that there is a problem with my meds. Either one being missed, one being substituted for the home delivery meds which I dont order via the surgery, or some sort of mix up at the pharmacy.

I have my meds list sent electronically from the GP's practice to the pharmacy so there shouldnt be a problem there.

The issue over home delivery meds appearing mistakenly on the pharmacy prescription is one I have raised previously with the GP herself. But it still occurs.

I fully understand overworked staff (probably an understatement). But for these things to occur month on month is quite concerning.

I have now taken to taking a photo of the med request I submit before leaving it with the surgery in case this develops into something that really requires investigation.


Health watch are where problems can be sorted. Usually they have been placed in Citizens Advice depends on County.

They are not allowed to advertise

Letter to GP practice manager first

Pals if hospital

Ask go for complaints procedure at GP surgery

Melds from not local chemist if NHS are authorised by GP and somewhere along the line you have given authority for that.

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