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3 weeks ago I got a pain in my left ankle, I went to the docs and got told I had torn a tendon in my foot. Later that night I , as walking up the stairs and I fell down, in absolute agony. I got taken to A and E for xrays and bloods which were fine. It was confirmed that it was my Achillies Heel that I had torn and that it was more than likely to do with my Scleroderma. I had an MRI yesterday and am waiting for the results.

Has anyone else had this trouble?

I cannot sleep due to pain and cannot take any sleeping tablets due to my lung disease. I also have five nasty ulcers on my fingers and am struggling to keep it together. Any help is much appreciated.

I am 22 years old, from Norwich, UK

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Hi AshtonRains, you poor thing, nope not had this.


Thank you for replying - I am at my witts end. Would just like some answers x


Hi AshtonRains,so sorry I have no answers for you as I have no experience of this.The pain you are in must be so difficult to cope with and anxiety often makes it worse.When do you expect the results of your MRI? Hope you are not waiting too long.

I did not realise sleeping tablets cannot be taken with lung disease.After I had a lung op I was given a low dose antidepressant which helped considerably with my pain.Mine was a short term problem but it might be worth asking your GP if they think it may help you.

Hope you get some relief soon.I really feel for you you poor lady.My thoughts are with.Take care.x


Hi Ashton! sorry to read of your challenges... I hope you are feeling a bit better today and that those ulcers clear off soon for you. Go easy on yourself and try and only do things that make you feel good :) x


Hi AshtonRains I haven't torn my Achilles tendon but I did tear my rotator cuff tendon which is also very painful. It happened 2 years ago and I couldn't move my arm properly it was impossible to raise and the pain was awful, I was referred to a physio and she helped build up my surrounding muscles to take over, she also did acupuncture to help with the pain as nothing else would touch it. Is it possible for you to use the rub on Ibuprofen?

I still have a painful shoulder but now I think it is like my hips and has calcified.

It will get better but with it being in your ankle you might find you will have to use crutches for a while to rest it and allow it to heal my daughter had to do this when she tore hers once she was on crutches the pain started to abate.


Hi there,

I also have a surprise with my foot, I wound up tearing my fasciitis ligament, just from walking. The Dr did an mri and it showed 80% torn. I'm waiting to ask the Dr why this would happen, it is really so overwhelming, I'm in this giant boot for 6 to 8 weeks. So I really feel for you but I can't answer why this has happened. I did get something for my anxiety though, that was a big help and it has calmed me down to deal with these Dr's. Good luck and let us know how you make out.



Hello, I have similar problems, but with my knee. Terrible pain when I tore/cracked one of the ligaments/tendons.. It is now constantly painful and the whole knee is calcified. I am told that nothing can be done as the actual joint is fine. I just take Ibuprofen and paracetamol and rub gel in at night. I did have a cortisone injection into it, but no effect. Just another part of Scleroderma I fear. A physio may be able to help, they will do cortisone injections and acupuncture.


Ya know I read that the cortisone shots make the tendons and ligaments weak, that's why I stay clear of these shots always now. Every time I had them I had a tendon rupture, now I think that this muscle thing I have going on has a little something to do with it, but still a little to odd for me. Dr's say well there's really no proof or study's done to prove that, and I say well your looking at her!


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