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Raynauds dealing with it all year around why are we not seeing a vascular doctor and why do we have to see a Rheumatoid arthritis doctor

I have lots of problems not just in winter but in summer too mine is actually all year round. I take 2 blood pressure medicines and hydromorphone for pain.

Plavix and b-12 daily 5000 Mg and i also am on Cialis which cause horrible headaches at first and once you get past the first week or so its okay all I took it at night towards the end . Thou I dont see a huge difference i know its working due to the fact that my feet are red and the veins stick out more. I also have a good pair of gloves, called hot fingers that worked really well. when I take a shower under my knees are all black and blue when i get out but diminish after 10 mins or so from being out of the shower. any suggestions or any one dealing with something the same

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Good idea. I don't know why we don't see a vascular doctor, though I saw one when I had a blocked popletial artery.


Raynaud's is looked after by rheumatologists because there may be other things which are linked to it and these can be checked over by a rheumatologist who would have knowledge of the most up to date treatments, as these are changing quite rapidly. Rheumatologists treat Raynaud's patients rather than vascular surgeons as surgery is very seldom used for Raynaud's - certainly not for the hands but sometimes for the feet or in some cases digital sympathectomies are performed for the fingers.


well i guess my rheumatologist isnt very good then because he is more interested in my joints than any thing else and beside that he doesnt provide me my meds my general doctor does


My rheumy has never asked about my Raynauds even though he knows i have it, he just asks about joints.My gp gives me the same meds that were prescribed 20 yrs ago (Nifedipine) so you are not alone on this.


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