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University project on design for people with hand or wrist problems

Hi back in October I completed a survey ask people what kitchen tasks they found most difficult, form these findings it was determined the most people found peeling vegetables with reduced dexterity the hardest task overall.

Therefore i designed a solution making a one handed electric peeler an would appreciate any feedback i have created a short 5 question survey to determine if the product is feasible and would love to hear everyones thoughts.

Kind regards


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Hi Tim - Ive completed and returned to you !

It looks a great gadget - I wish you every success to getting it to market - or seeing you on Dragon's Den ;)

Keep posting on here any ideas you have about any other aids which, although seem so simple to some, can really improve the quality of your day when your hands are painful, rigid, sore and not as functioning as others' ! :) x


Sorry I didn't do your survey, but I've only just joined. I so agree about peeling. But the one thing that really bugs. Are things like bleach bottles, where you have to 'pinch' and twist. I have bought every type of gadget under the sun. But this eludes me.


When I am having problems with my hand I look for alternatives full stop. That may mean rice, pasta or noodles instead of potatoes. I also always keep a selection of frozen prepared veg in the freezer.

I applaud what you are doing. But I guess there may be many like me.

The aid may help with people suffering arthritic effects but if someone has an ulcer it is extremely painful each time the infected limb is knocked. In such cases its better to use preprepared when possible.


I haven't looked into opening bottles like that but something like this would probably be the most useful depending if you can find one of the correct size.


Hi Tim, Just completed this for you. My main comment would be whether the cost of buying this product would exceed the weekly increased costs of buying ready prepared mashed potato or bags of peeled veg. If it is reasonably cheap it will be excellent. Best wishes and good luck with your invention Karen :)


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