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Shoulder - Bankart Stanmore Type III repair + SLAP tear repair

Hi everyone, couldn't find the right community for this so thought this was as close as I'd get! Apologies if this isn't relevant for this community however someone might be able to advise.

To give some background, I have HyperMobile Joints and 5 years ago I dislocated my shoulder in my sleep and we think overstretched it in the process. It bloody hurt when it woke me up in the middle of the night and so saw my GP, Physios etc who all seemed dismissive that I'd done it in my sleep - problem is I was there so I know exactly how I did it!!

4 years of physio - shoulder and core strength , an MRI and the complete insistence that there was nothing wrong with the shoulder other than it being very loose in the joint (ie the MRI showed nothing wrong with the shoulder joint other than it being loose) - I started losing my marbles wondering whether it was me actually imagining it abd questioning myself. I saw my Consultant again who gave me some options, of which one was "just get on with it" (that actually hurt. He clearly had no idea how much it physically hurt), exploratory surgery (which he then "took back" and said he wasn't prepared to do that as "we won't find anything") or a 2nd opinion. So I went for a 2nd opinion as I was so frustrated, this guy was prepared to do an Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilisation surgery for Bankart Stanmore Type III.

So Dec 16 I had it done. Turned out there was a huge Labrum Tear and the shoulder was dislocating at the posterior, not anterior as we'd all thought.

Now, already I can move the shoulder higher than before the surgery and for the first time in 5 years I'm on less painkillers than I was before. The exception being sleeping which is quite difficult but I think this will improve with time. The annoying thing, aside from medical solicitors trying to get me to sue them (which I'm not.. I just wish they'd leave me alone!!) my only worry now is that I found the other day that part of my shoulder is still numb. I had a nerve block put in before the surgery which were off the next day. But I've found there's a section on the top of my shoulder that is numb - I hadn't noticed this before now.

Has anyone else had a nerve block put in and afterwards had some sort of lasting effect (I'm assuming that's what it is) and know how long it might last? I am now 8 weeks post op and thought this would have gone when the rest of the numbness wore off.

Any help much appreciated.


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I had shoulder surgery for a stage 3 ligament tear 3 1/2 months ago. The top of my shoulder is still numb. I was told it's because the nerves were cut during surgery to make the incision. Sometimes the feeling comes back and sometimes it doesn't.