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Sleep pattern off & I'm scared its gonna affect my health

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I haven't been diagnosed with any sleep disorders but for almost a week if that i have been awake & go to slp in the am when its time for me to be up getting things done I'm in bed sleep til 5ish pm i know not getting enough rest can harm ur health I'm trying to prevent that & if i dont sleep in normal hours my body feels funny what can i do to fix this?

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Hi Destiny,

I would like to talk to you but dont know if there is an option to chat on this site.

I sent u a pm

Hi, Doctor first and tell him all about your feelings. I havn't had a full nights sleep this year and even sleeping tablets did not work I am now a new tablet to help my muscles relax at night

I just seen my doctor yesterday and we talked about my sleep and other problems and she ran labs and we're gonna go from there but i have melatonin I'm just scared to take it

Hi Destiny-do you know what is causing this shift in your sleep pattern? Where are you? Is it too hot to sleep?

When you say it makes you feel weird, in what way?x

I really don't know what's causing it I try turning the tv off and my phone and just have my fan on in the dark but Im just laying there looking crazy and as soon as it starts to get daylight then i get sleepy when it's time to get up and get motivated... But I sleep in my room i can't even get comfortable in my own bed to fall asleep I have melatonin but I am scared to take it! And yes my upstairs is warmer than my downstairs so i have a fan and it makes me feel weird like during the day im fuzzy feeling weak, feels like im in a dream state and my body feels so noodly, i have no drive to do anything at all and i know if u dont sleep right it can start to turn ur health into things im scared of most like heart problems, blood pressure problems and etc;

There is a sleep disorder where, basically your sleep pattern is flipped backwards.

You aren't sleepy at night, and sleepy during the day.

I think the 'official' pattern is going to sleep at least 2 hours later than what would be a 'normal' bedtime. So, usually 11pm or later.

Are you able to have a sleep study done? It might help in a diagnosis, if there is one to be had.

Try the melatonin.

Melatonin is a natural substance our bodies produce.

If we are lacking, for whatever reason, it will affect sleep.

Just start with a very small dose and go from there.

You could also try tryptophan for sleep.

That is the stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy after you eat it.

Both are naturally occuring so are very safe.

Try to get on a schedule where you go to bed at the same time each night, shut off tv and anything bright.

Lastly, there are other medications that can help. You probably won't need them long term, just long enough to reset your body clock back into a healthy sleep rythym.

I hope you get some answers and rest soon.

Thank you so much

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